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Shelby County Council takes first step in creating economic development commission

The Shelby County Council has given initial approval to create an economic development commission.


The topic brought debate Tuesday on the idea of the commission and how to fill the three seats which will come from appointments from the council, commissioners and Shelbyville Common Council.


The commission sparked by the continued growth and attraction of business Near Pleasant View in the northwest part of the county.


Financial consultant Greg Guerrettaz explained the leading reason to create a commission for the county is to put any future infrastructure bond issues onto the developer and remove concern for the county should a developer not follow thru after work is done and money spent.



The commission, by state statute, has no power.  It holds public hearings on such development proposals and sends on a recommendation to the county council for decisions.


County resident Donna Dugan addressed the council about the commission’s creation including the vetting process, or lack of one, for appointments to be made.



The council, on first reading, passed the ordinance creating the commission.  Council member Linda Sanders voted no with concerns that the ordinance was too vague in pinpointing the commission’s responsibilities.


The council can pass the ordinance on a second reading at its December meeting.  It could also, at that time, make an appointment to the commission.  The council, as part of the ordinance initial passage Tuesday night, agreed to take recommendations from the public for its appointment decision.  Any recommendations should be sent to county auditor Amy Glackman by 5pm on December 8.