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Waldron Jr. Sr. High School goes virtual to deal with high number of illnesses

Waldron Jr. Sr. High School has followed its sister school in Morristown in going to virtual learning due to a growing number of illnesses.


Shelby Eastern Superintendent Dr. Todd Hitchcock issued a letter Thursday announcing that Waldron Jr. Sr. high School would go virtual on Friday.  The letter mirrored the one from earlier in the week that launched virtual learning at Morristown. Dr. Hitchcock cited a high number of fluu cases or flu-like illnesses compounded by even more students who were sent home from school.  Indiana Code requires the school district to consult with the local and state health department anytime absences exceed 20% on a given day.  Dr. Hitchcock said the school had achieved that threshold by the end of the day.


With that, a transition to virtual learning on Friday. Staff will properly clean and disinfect the school and it's hoped symptoms and cases will subside in that time.


The closure includes all extra-curricular activities, contests, meetings and events.  Students who attend Blue River are not expected to attend Friday.  


Students should not return to school until they have been fever-free for at least 24 hours.


The move does not impact Waldron Elementary.