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Bill providing easy-to-read school testing results passes Senate

A bill authored by State. Sen Jean Leising (R-Oldenburg) that would require an easy-to-read summary of a student's statewide testing results to be included on their statewide assessment report passed the Senate unanimously.


Senate Bill 168 would require the Indiana Department of Education to ensure statewide assessment vendors provide easy-to-read summaries of a student's results on their statewide assessment report, which would assist teachers and families in understanding what subjects their students may be struggling in.


"In order to improve a child's education, families and instructors need to understand what subject areas the student is struggling in," Leising said. "Making test results easier to read will help instructors and families take more well-informed actions in helping their student obtain fundamental learning skills."


SB 168 will now move to the Indiana House of Representatives for further consideration. To learn more about the bill, visit iga.in.gov.