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Millions in unclaimed money and property available through IndianaUnclaimed.gov 

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita is reminding Hoosiers to check for assets waiting for them after the recent National Unclaimed Property Day (Feb. 1) .


Last year, the Unclaimed Property Division returned over $61 million to Hoosiers.


Here are the types of property that might go unclaimed:

Unclaimed wages or commissions

Money orders

Safety deposit box contents

Savings and checking accounts


Overpayments such as:

Credit card balances

Cell phone bills

DMV payments


There are also some tangible items received from dormant safe deposit boxes.


Individuals and/or businesses have 25 years in which to claim money once it is reported to the Unclaimed Property Division. All you must do is supply proof of rightful ownership.


“Protecting Hoosiers’ liberty is my office’s top priority,” Attorney General Rokita said. “Returning unclaimed property to the rightful owners is just one way we carry out this larger mission. Who knows — you might find $5 or $1,000, but it’s worth a look.”


Check IndianaUnclaimed.gov or text CLAIM to 46220 to search your name, family, or business.