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PK U.S.A. announces new associate referral program unlike any in the Midwest Region

PK U.S.A. will award both associates currently employed at PK U.S.A. Shelbyville, and those they refer to the company for employment, in robust incremental fees over a 12 month period.


Referrals (new employees) and the PK associate that referred them will receive a $1,000 referral fee after 3 months, then a retention fee of $2,000 after 6 months, then an anniversary fee of $2,000 after 12 months of employment. A grand total of $5,000 will be paid to both the current PK associate and the new associate after the 12 month time frame.


“One of our most valuable assets at PK U.S.A. is our current associate base. They can put their connections to good use by referring friends and family to become gainfully employed at PK and earn extra rewards for doing
so,” said Peter Sandström, President of PK U.S.A.

“Like most corporations in Shelby County, we’ve had challenges finding associates to fill our manufacturing needs, and after some brainstorming, it was determined we have great recruitment channels right here in our own company. There’s no better way to hire than with referrals from our own associates. They know friends and family that would fit in to our PK U.S.A. environment,” states Bill Kent, Vice-President of Corporate Relations.


This robust referral program allows any PK U.S.A. associate to refer as many people as they wish to any open position. Interviews will be conducted as usual, and normal recruitment activities will remain the same. All job openings within PK U.S.A. Shelbyville are included.


Associates are encouraged to check in with Human Resources every week to review open positions available.


This initiative begins on Monday, February 13.