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Car crashed into a utility pole and home followed by another into live electrical wires

There were no injuries in a two-vehicle crash that closed Shelbyville’s South Harrison Street Monday evening.

Shelbyville Police responded to 1519 S. Harrison just after 7 p.m. and found a 2016 Nissan Sentra resting against the wall of the house at that address. The driver, Weston Brown-McCullum, 25, of Shelbyville, said he was driving southbound and he wasn’t sure what happened. He acknowledged that he drove off the street, across the grass and into the side of the house.

His car also struck a utility pole breaking it in half.

Shortly after that crash, Joseph Raney, 30, of Waldron, was also southbound on Harrison and failed to see part of the utility pole in the roadway. Raney ran over the pole and it was stuck underneath the van. The upper half of the pole then fell down on top of the Chrysler Town and Country van with live wires that trapped Raney inside.



The Shelbyville Fire Department and Duke Energy responded to help Raney get out safely.

The home, owned by Cynthia Davis, sustained exterior siding damage to the garage. There was also damage inside to the drywall. The Shelbyville Fire Department determined the structure was still sound.

Shelbyville Police say Brown-McCullum showed no signs of impairment and tested .000 on a portable breath test.

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