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Property owners appear before Board of Works to discuss nuisance cases

There are two sides to the property owner vs. renter saga.

Some argue property owners are too strict and unwavering on policies meant to protect them. Others want more rental property options to be available in Shelbyville.

On Tuesday at the Board of Works meeting at City Hall, property owner Cora Cutsinger appeared to discuss the state of the residence she owns at 135 Walker St. (photo).

Cutsinger told the board about an unruly tenant that was scheduled to be evicted but she allowed to stay as a gesture of kindness. Now, the residence has been “trashed” according to Cutsinger.

“It’s been a nightmare,” she said.

Cutsinger owns several rental properties, some with long-term tenants, but stated, “this is the worst I’ve ever had.”

The eviction process is currently underway again and she hopes to have the nuisance property remedied soon.

The board voted to give her a 30-day continuance before discussing the property again.

The board also met with representatives at 333 E. Mechanic St. and 145 Walker St. to discuss nuisance properties that now appear to be improving.

Progress has been made at the Mechanic St. property and a two-week continuance was granted to finish the clean-up project.

Rose Marie Roberts, owner of the property at 145 Walker St., also appeared to inform the board that the property is nearly back up to code. The violations have been addressed and the board voted to give Roberts one more week to complete the process.

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