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City of Shelbyville's Southwest Connector Trail to expand

The City of Shelbyville has announced the continuation of its trail expansion project this summer.

With the generous support of a $1,719,960 Next Level Trails Grant from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Shelbyville is poised to extend its trail system with the construction of the Southwest Connector Trail.

The Southwest Connector Trail marks a significant addition to Shelbyville’s existing trail network, serving as an extension of the renowned Blue River Trail. This transformative project aims to enhance recreational opportunities while fostering connectivity within the community.

The new trail will extend from the Blue River Trail on the city’s west side, traversing south across State Road 44. As part of its route, the trail will pass through the properties of Shelbyville High School and Shelbyville Middle School before reaching the intersection at Miller St. and McKay Road where a roundabout will be built in 2025.

From there, the trail will continue east along McKay Road until intersecting with the old railroad corridor, where it will turn north and lead to the Meridian Park Family Aquatic Center.

The project is slated for construction to conclude in 2025.

The Blue River Trail, a 3.5-mile path that winds through scenic landscapes and urban corridors, serves as the backbone of Shelbyville’s trail network. Stretching from Lee Boulevard through Blue River Memorial Park, downtown and beyond, the trail connects various parks, recreational facilities and community landmarks.

For more detailed information on the Blue River Trail Master Plan and the Southwest Connector Trail project, visit the City of Shelbyville’s official website at https://www.cityofshelbyvillein.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Blue-River-Trail-Master-Plan-RATIO.pdf

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