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Bill Kent releases second printing of Actions Leading You to Success

Bill Kent has released the second printing of his book ‘Actions Leading You to Success’.

Included in his book are 12 chapters of inspiring ideas to set you on your individual path both professionally and personally. “You must always think through any issues, whether professionally or personally, before you act on them. Inside this book, I give the reader the opportunity to learn from all areas of Human Resource responsibility and accountability, while maintaining integrity, belief system and self preservation. I encourage anyone who needs positive reinforcement in their day to day interactions to read this book”, states Bill.
Bill’s over 30 years of experience brings the opportunity for everyone to access this experience and knowledge, and leverage his expertise to elevate personal and professional life. “One of the most important aspects of business development is branding your abilities, talents and expertise. Bill Kent Consulting builds on over 30 years of professional experience, including being at the helm of many corporations, acquiring experience, information and knowledge that will help you expand your professional and personal life.
Bill has a Bachelor’s Degree (graduated with highest honors) from Ohio University.
He continued his education at The College of William & Mary and the Florida Institute of Technology.
Bill has been recognized by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for dedication and contributions as a partner and liaison between the Employer Community and the Commission’s efforts to improve equal employment opportunity opportunities for all citizens in the State of Indiana.
At the request of the EEOC, Bill has spoken at three Technical Assistance Programs on the importance of work - force diversity.
He has co-authored a white paper for the Indiana Chamber of Commerce on the success of the PK USA wellness program, and authored white paper on human resources as a strategic partner – published by SHRM.

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