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City of Shelbyville establishes mobile food vendor fee

The Shelbyville Common Council approved a mobile food vendor fee Monday night at City Hall (photo).

The annual fee to receive a mobile food vendor permit will be $300 for the first vehicle and $20 for each additional vehicle. The annual fee for a farm market vendor permit is $25.

All fees collected will go into a city account specified for economic development, beautification and to support local special events in the city. The required fee may be waived upon proof of an equal donation to a local nonprofit organization.

“This is something I’ve asked for and feel strongly about,” said Shelbyville Mayor Scott Furgeson at the Monday meeting. “We have a lot of food vendors that come into our community and take our money and leave. They don’t pay taxes. They don’t contribute to sports leagues, Boys Club, Girls Club, SCUFFY or anything like that. In this ordinance, it is not actually a fee sometimes, you can do a contribution in lieu of fees which I believe is fair.”

There are special exceptions for food delivery drivers, such as pizza delivery, that are stationary for no more than 15 minutes at a time; delivering or transporting food and beverage products to regular customers or established routes; and children operating lemonade stands in accordance with Indiana Law.

Any recognized and approved mobile food vendor or farm market vendor for a Special Event authorized and approved by the City of Shelbyville Board of Public Works is not subject to the fee.

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