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CSX to replace railroad crossings in Shelbyville

Good news for Shelbyville railroad crossings


City engineer Matt House says CSX is going to finally replace a number of crossings in town with a rubber crossing.  The work will result impact traffic at various locations.


CSX is replacing crossings at Hendricks, Jackson, Washington, Noble, Franklin , Mechanic, Walker and John Streets.  A contractor has already saw cut the road next to the crossings


A contractor also saw cut Progress Parkway, but the CSX representative said it wasn't on her list and was going to check further.


SR 9 has already been saw cut as well.  The representative said the contractor thought that this would require a different kind of crossing, and they would likely come back later to do that location. 


INDOT will require CSX to put up a message board in advance.


The crossings will be closed for 2 or 3 days. 

The city has  asked that CSX leave Mechanic and Broadway open while the others were closed and that they create closure signs that say 'Use Mechanic St and Broadway St". 


The current start date is May 27, which is Memorial Day.