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SCS holds hearing on superintendent contract


Announcement of the new interim superintendent for Shelbyville Central Schools is expected soon, following a public hearing on a contract for the position.


The SCS school board convened for a special business meeting Thursday evening at Blue River Career Programs, 803 St. Joseph St., to hold a public hearing on the proposed 1-year contract.


Asked by Giant FM if the contract was any different from the existing superintendent agreement, Denny Harrold, the board's attorney, noted that it was a short-term deal.


“It's not a superintendent's contract. It's an interim contract for 1 year. In it, the uh, all the provisions were in that notice of publication that was in the paper on April 28. So if you look at that, it'll tell you exactly what the provisions of this contract are,” he said.


The notice said the interim superintendent of Shelbyville Central Schools is to be paid just over $121,000, plus a stipend of $19,000.


Various other benefits, such as insurance and retirement, are also part of the deal.


No one from the public spoke at Thursday evening's public hearing on the interim superintendent contract, and the school board took no formal action.


Board members said, by law, they must wait 7 days after the public hearing before voting on the contract.


The board's next meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. on May 14 at the Blue River Career Programs building, which is too soon to take action.


Current SCS superintendent David Adams is due to retire at the end of June.