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County says rain is stalling responses to drainage complaints


Ironically, the continual rains across Shelby County are delaying needed work on the county ditches that drain off the rainwater.


The Shelby County Commissioners, who also act as the County Drainage Board, said at their meeting on Tuesday morning in the Court House Annex, 25 W. Polk St., that they're aware of the situation (file photo).


However, Commissioner Don Parker (R-South District), who's president of the Drainage Board and a farmer, said there's little they can do for now.


“And like we just touched on, you know, been getting calls, ditches run to farmers, property owners, wanting to see some work done, but you know, it's just all weather related. You know, I tell 'em, it's been wet since last September. Try holding off a little bit, hope our contractors get busy or may have to look for different ones, I don't know. Be a little more time,” Parker said.


Commissioner Kevin Nigh (R-Center District), who also farms, said the rains have delayed drainage work in some county housing developments such as Country Club Heights and Meadowview.


And the on-going rains have delayed spring planting for farmers in Shelby County and across Indiana; just a fraction of their corn and soybean crops are in the ground.


In other matters, the commissioners approved a change order for Bridge 219, the replacement for Bridge 13 in northwestern Shelby County.


The commissioners said there was no cost related to the change order which was caused by rain delays.