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Over two dozen starving animals found at Rushville Horse Sale Barn

Over two dozen horses, donkeys, mules and a bull were seized by authorities from the Rushville Horse Sale Barn.


Animals living in filth, starving, all with no water, some already dead, were found at the property after a complaint was called in about the livestock sale business.


William Haley, 22, faces charges including failure to properly dispose of a dead animal, torturing or mutilating a vertebrate animal, and cruelty to an animal.


Kasey Hanna is the director of the Rushville Animal Shelter.



The Rushville animal shelter doesn't have the room or staff to handle such a large number of large animals. They've been placed with an animal rescue operation.  The shelter set up a GoFundMe page to help raise funds needed to nurse the animals back to health.


It took three staff members to get an ailing donkey to his feet--the donkey died later.



The Rush County Sheriff's Office is investigating--and getting no cooperation from the barn's owner.