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Shelbyville's The Chicken Inn to be sold

One of Shelbyville's best loved restaurants is looking at major change.


The Facebook post from the restaurant's owners speaks to its future sale.  The following from the Chicken Inn's Facebook page posted by Dave and Roaslie Hardin:


Hoping this finds you all doing well and in good health.  After having met with our staff on Sunday, and with a heavy heart, we are going to share some news with all of you today.


Dave and I were handed a message recently that reminded us that we need to make some changes in our lives. As some of you know, being business owners at times can be all consuming. With that being said, we have made the decision to put the restaurant on the market for sale. It is so bittersweet in that we had hoped to pass it on to one of our children. They however have other careers in which they need to move forward and we are very understanding and supportive of their choices.


Ironically, throughout this pandemic we are having one of our best years as a result of the ongoing support of our community. We couldn't ask for a more loyal customer base than we have right now.


We are also so blessed to have such a dedicated staff who has adapted to each and every change mandated over the past 7 months. They are the largest contributors to our success and will continue to offer their great customer service to each and every one who walks through our doors!


It is our hope that just the right person/family will come along who will choose to carry on the traditions, some of which were established from the parent company back in the 40's. It is our intent to move forward doing business as usual meeting any and all commitments made to our customers. It is our hope that you will continue to support us throughout this journey and understand our decision to be only a result of wanting to share more time with each other and our families.


As always, we appreciate your friendships and continued support!

Dave & Rosalie