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Senator Mike Crider wins re-election

Another election, another big win for Indiana State Senator Mike Crider, who coasted to re-election over challenger Theresa Bruno. 


In Hancock County, Crider received 30,545 votes compared to 11,281 for his Democratic challenger. Crider carried Shelby County by an overwhelming majority, as well. 


As the vote totals trickled in, Crider told Giant FM he was happy to be returning to Indianapolis to do work for those in Senate District 28.


"I love the work and enjoy working on issues that help vulnerable people and the victims of crime have a better outcome," Crider said. 


He acknowledged this campaign and election was unlike he had ever seen due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. 


"This has been a very odd campaign season with Covid severely limiting the opportunities to interact with the public as we usually do. I depended on mailers to remind people of the important issues that I tackle and have had success at," Crider told Giant FM. 


On the topic of Covid-19, Crider said he expects several bills to be introduced related to Covid-19 next session, including a measure aimed at the liability issue for regular businesses and another for medical facilities. 


"And, of course, there will be attempts to limit the executive powers the governor has. As someone that works on homeland security issues, I understand the need for those powers. I think the duration of this pandemic is the issue that might result in limiting those powers unless or until the legislature supports extending the action. That would result in a special session after 30, 60 or 90 days. I think the Governor has done the best he could under the circumstances. My only problem was that all businesses are essential so to say some were not caused issues," Crider said. 


When the new session begins in January, Crider will, again, be working on issues pertaining to mental health treatment, human trafficking and sex crimes. 


"Those issues are quality of life issues that aren't partisan and most of the issues I work on are the same. I will continue to constituents and try to solve problems. In fact, I am most proud that many of my biggest bills like Jenny's Law or Asher's Law have come directly from my constituents," Crider said.