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Covid, contact tracing scammers reported

Scammers will use pretty much anything to try and dupe Hoosiers into giving up their sensitive information.


Sheriff's deputies in Jennings County say they have been getting calls from people saying that scammers are trying to use contact tracing as a means to scam people.


Chief Deputy David Turner with the Jennings County sheriff's department says scammers are calling or texting Hoosiers posing as sheriff's deputies and telling them to contact trace by calling the county health department. But, they are giving them a fake number to call and then asking the victims lots of questions.


"We've seen quite of few cases of this so far. One lady that complained to us said it was almost a two-hour phone call," he said. "I'm pretty sure they're good at extracting a lot of information."


Turner said the scammers are asking for social security numbers and bank account numbers, which he says should be red flags from the git-go since he's also pretty sure that county health departments are not concerned with those things in order to contact trace for coronavirus.


He said if you get one of these calls, either hang up or ask them to state which department they are with and to identify themselves. Turner also reminds you to check with the Better Business Bureau on how to avoid contact tracing scams.