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Roncalli to change "Rebels" nickname

Because of “negative connotations” surrounding it, Roncalli High School says they are changing their nickname.


For decades the school’s nickname has been “Rebels,” which the school said was in homage to its namesake, Pope John XXIII, who it felt was a rebel for calling for the Second Vatican Council.


The “Rebels” nickname came to reflect a tie to the Confederacy over time and the school leaders now feel it is appropriate to choose a new nickname.


Interim President Father Robert Robeson said he would be appointing a special task force to explore alternative names and symbols to better reflect the school’s mission. That task force will include students, parents, faculty, and alumni.


“We know that there may be some members of our community who will be saddened by this change. But as we look forward to the next 50 years, we believe that this change is essential in order to better serve our mission as a Catholic high school,” said Robeson.


A full video of the announcement from the school to change the nickname can be viewed here: