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Southwestern fieldhouse on track for April completion

A new fieldhouse that will benefit all Southwestern Junior-Senior High School students is nearing completion, according to school officials. 


Athletic director Brady Days confirmed to Giant FM the project, which includes a new fieldhouse and weight room, should be done by April 22.


"We are excited to utilize this awesome facility," Days said. 


The decision to embark on a fieldhouse was made by district leaders and a committee, which traveled to various schools to get an idea of what would best suite the school and community. Days said the weight room is already completed and the fieldhouse will feature a two basketball court setup, along with two locker rooms, bathrooms, concessions and storage space. 


"The fieldhouse will help cut down on the students being at the school so late at night. Currently Southwestern will have practices run from 6 am to 9:15 pm on a daily basis.  These times were never ideal for our students and our staff.  Southwestern also felt an enhanced weight room would benefit our student athletes along with our P.E classes.  The weight room also has machines for the staff to use.  Southwestern has operated with just one full size gym since 1959 and at that time we only had boy's basketball using the gym. As we know times have changed and many sports have been added in that time," Days said.


The veteran boy's basketball coach and athletic director told Giant FM, the new facility is something the entire school district and community can take pride in. 


"This is something that we feel will make not only our school proud, but the community.   We feel the school is the central point of our district, and we take pride in knowing that as we continue to build and do what is best for our students.  This will help our athletes not be here all night, and also give them top of the line facilities to continue to grow as an athlete," Days said. 


As for the fieldhouse hosting any other events such as AAU basketball or competitions, Days said the district will wait until it is totally complete and then look at those endeavors. .  


"This first summer with COVID and all that will have us a bit more cautious," Days said.