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Bob Jenkins battling cancer

If you're a race fan, you've probably seen or heard Bob Jenkins. He's been working in motorsports since 1979, calling NASCAR and IndyCar races on radio and TV. For the past few years, he's been the public address announcer at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 


However, you probably won't see or hear Jenkins as much this year. 


On Tuesday, in a video released by IMS, the 73-year-old revealed he has brain cancer. 


"It happened on Christmas night, I awoke with a severe headache," Jenkins said. 


He went to the hospital. 


"The first diagnosis was a stroke," he said. "The second diagnosis was 'we have found two malignant tumors in your right temple. You have brain cancer.'"


Jenkins says he's going through chemo and radiation, and will have to step back from his role at the track a little bit.


"I'm not going to completely retire. I'm going to say I'm cautiously optimistic about working some of the public address this year."


Jenkins went on to everyone who has already reached out to him. 


"I can't pray as much as all my race fans out there can do, and I sincerely believe that is a major, major contribution on how this thing is going to turn out."


For the full video where Jenkins reveals the news of his diagnosis, go to this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4naVJO8hHZU&feature=youtu.be.