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Purdue to again require SAT / ACT for admissions

Purdue University announced Tuesday that it will resume requiring SAT and / or ACT test scores for admissions applications, beginning with students who apply for Fall 2024 admission to Purdue.


The resumption was recommended by university administration and endorsed by the board of trustees.


Purdue is making the announcement now so that current high school juniors can register for and schedule their exams and submit the test results with their applications. Purdue will begin accepting 2024 applications on Aug. 1, 2023.


Purdue has been “test flexible” since 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which prevented many students from having access to a testing site. For the last two years, Purdue has recommended but not required the test scores, and nearly three-fourths of applicants have provided them. Purdue accepts SAT or ACT scores and has no preference on which test is taken. Students may report the best scores from across different tests on their admissions application.


“The evidence is clear that test scores provide essential information in a comprehensive admissions evaluation that enables us to ensure the optimal chance of success for each admitted student,” said Kris Wong Davis, Purdue vice provost for enrollment management.


In September 2022, Purdue announced an all-time enrollment record. For Fall 2022, the average new student had a 3.74 GPA, an average SAT total of 1317 and an average ACT composite of 29.8. For Fall 2022, 82.4% of admitted students submitted either an SAT or ACT score.