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Community Treasure Series details turn of the century Shelbyville murder

Wednesday night's Community Treasure Series at The Strand Theatre features the Orebaugh Photography Studio.

And, murder.

This edition of the Community Treasure Series will take the audience back to 1909, amidst the members of the local Court of Honor Lodge in Shelbyville. Charles Tindall, a prominent lawyer, commanded attention as he took the floor to address the gathering.

All eyes turned to Mrs. Alice VanPelt, the group's recorder, as Tindall directed his piercing gaze towards her. Though the reputation of Alice VanPelt and her family certainly took a hit, nobody could have known Charles Edward VanPelt, Alice's husband, would murder Charles Tindall two years later.

David Finkel and Alex Krach appeared on The Morning Show Wednesday to preview the look back in time.