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Fortville PD says alarm ordinance has been positive

Four months ago, Fortville enacted a new ordinance pertaining to alarms, designed to curb false alarms.


And, the measure has been a success thus far, according to Fortville Police Chief Bill Knauer.

“We have had a lot of positive responses, and it is going good. I have not had anyone who has gotten fined, and residents are being a little more cautious,” Knauer told Giant FM.
The ordinance was the result of Knauer approaching the Fortville Council earlier this year about ways to be proactive and recoup resources lost to false calls.

In 2018, the Fortville Police Department responded to 133 false alarm calls, and those calls were costly in terms of manpower, time, fuel and other resources. Knauer told Giant FM the false alarm calls were not calls for robberies, a home break in, a hold up or someone needing assistance. He also said the false alarms cost taxpayers $1,600 and would have increased to $8,000 in a five year period with projected growth.

The permits are required of everyone who has an alarm system and costs business owners $20, while being free to residents. The permits are good for two years.

“People get three false alarms. An alarm due to inclement weather does not count against them,” Knauer told Giant FM.

The fourth alarm results in a $75 fine and the fifth alarm nets a $150 fine, and it would be $200 for each alarm after that.

Residents can download the alarm permit application from www.fortvilleindiana.org or stop by town hall to complete the application.