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Chris Lytle to fill New Palestine Town Council vacancy

Chris Lytle has always been a fighter.

From making a name for himself inside the octagon in UFC to promoting anti-bullying to fighting fires as a member of the Indianapolis Fire Department, Lytle has put himself forward to fight. And, that continues albeit in a different format, as Lytle was selected this week to fill a vacancy on the New Palestine Town Council.


Lytle was the only person to fill out the paperwork and meet the requirements by the Hancock County Republican Party and will fill a vacancy left by Jan Jarson, who resigned her seat last month under a cloud of impropriety and questions.


“This is fantastic. I’ve been involved in other ways, volunteered in the wrestling program, done the anti-bullying program, but this is an opportunity to help the area I live in. I am excited to be in there and excited to do what I can to see New Pal get what it needs to move forward,” Lytle told Giant FM moments after being sworn in.


This is not the first time Lytle has thrown his hat into the political ring, as he ran for the Indiana State Senate in 2012, finishing second to Michael Crider in a three-person Republican Primary with 30.1 percent of the vote.

During that race, Lytle billed himself as a fighter for Indiana.

While the landscape has changed, Lytle maintains his purpose has not, telling Giant FM he will continue to fight.


“This is different to me. This is very local and it is the primary area I live in. It’s been driving me nuts the last few months seeing people waste taxpayer dollars and what has happened in New Palestine with people in public service only for their benefit. I decided I wanted to do something about it. I love my town and the area I live in,” said Lytle, who moved his family to New Palestine 15 years ago.


After talking with several people, Lytle decided he could no longer sit on the sidelines.


“I am not a believer in just complaining. I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is, and try to actually step up and do what I think it is best. I feel like we are getting people in there not interested in personal gain. I want to make sure people in there are looking out for the town’s interest. I want to help New Palestine grow, get the money appropriated for the right places. Tired of the frivolous spending and waste of taxpayer dollars. Everything will have to be accounted for, and I have to be able to understand why we need things that are being asked for,” Lytle said.


Fellow council member Angela Fahrnow welcomed the addition of Lytle.


“I am so excited to work with him. I feel like he and I have the same view in doing what’s best for the town,” Fahrnow told Giant FM.