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City extends time for East Washington Street bids

The project to remodel Shelbyville's East Washington Street will have to wait a bit longer.


Last week, the Shelbyville Board of Works opened bids from three contractors for the project to redo East Washington for more than two blocks.


Sidewalks are to be reconfigured and landscaping added, and the street redone to include angled parking the entire distance from the Public Square, past the Post Office to the railroad tracks just beyond Noble Street.  City Engineer Matt House put the base-cost estimate for the East Washington project at $2,450,540.


Three companies submitted bids including a base price and up to four alternate options.  The winning bid could have been awarded at the Board of Works meeting this week.  However, Mayor Tom DeBaun said during the board's pre-meeting Tuesday morning that House was seeking clarification from the bidders on a couple of items.


The Board of Works could name the winning bidder as soon as next Tuesday. 


The East Washington Street project is the first phase of the mayor's overall downtown redevelopment of the Public Square and adjoining areas to attract new residents and economic development to the city.


In other matters, the Shelbyville Board of Works voted to have two property owners appear in person regarding the condition of homes at 508 Tom Van Arden Drive and 102 McKinley Street.


The board has the authority to order private properties cleaned up, or direct city workers to do it and bill the property owners.