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Shelbyville / Shelby County Animal Shelter putting finishing touches on presentation shelter

A new addition to the Shelbyville Shelby County Animal Shelter brings a nice look to the property and, it’s hoped, will mean more animal adoptions.


Shelter Director Keith Barrett says a donation a few years ago led to their special new structure that’s almost completed.




Barrett says the shelter will host a number of events and they hope it will mean even more adoptions.



Donations are a key element to what goes on at the shelter.  Often, it’s food and pet supplies.  For others, time volunteering at the shelter.  Barrett says monetary donations from those who believed in the shelter have been greatly appreciated.



Money donated by Tom Hoffman led to the fence that Barrett said was needed around the shelter.

Barrett jokes…maybe…that the new presentation shelter  is nicer than the former shelter from a few years ago….walls or not.



They hope to put finishing touches on the shelter soon.