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Kroger recalls yellowfin tuna steaks

If you recently bought yellowfin tuna steaks at a Kroger store in Indiana, you might need to throw them away.


Yellowfin tuna steaks from the seafood counter or seasoned yellowfin tuna steaks in store-prepped styrofoam trays may cause scombroid poisoning, according to the FDA.


The tuna steaks have sell-by dates between Aug. 29 and Sept. 14.


Scombroid poisoning is caused by eating fish that has not been properly refrigerated or preserved. Improper storage causes bacteria to grow and produce Scombroid toxin, which can cause symptoms similar to an allergic reaction.


Symptoms usually develop within an hour of eating contaminated fish and can include:


- Flushing of the face

- Headache

- Itching

- Blurred Vision

- Abdominal Cramps

- Nausea

- Diarrhea


If you develop symptoms of scombroid poisoning, call your doctor. Most people recover within several hours, but symptoms can linger for several days.


Kroger has agreed to remove all yellowfin tuna steaks from their stores in Indiana, according to the FDA. If you bought the tuna steaks in question, you should throw them away immediately.