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Indiana, Shelby Co. courtrooms halted by COVID-19

The courtrooms of Indiana are being impacted by COVID-19.  And it comes at a time when the judicial system in Shelby County intended to ramp up its schedule.  Now, that schedule comes to a resounding thud.


Shelby County Superior Court I Judge Kent Apsley.


Judge Apsley notes that the Indiana Supreme Court  has issued an Order in response to the Shelby County Courts’ petition to adopt emergency measures and procedures due to the evolving public health crisis.


The Order from the Indiana Supreme Court:


In summary, the Supreme Court has authorized us to suspend jury trials, including “speedy” trials.  We are authorized to dispense with most routine pre-trial conferences and non-essential hearings.  We are authorized to reduce the number of staff members working in person and/or to permit them to work from home.  The courts will continue to maintain sufficient operations to handle emergency matters.  We will be limiting the number of spectators.  This order will remain in effect through May 4, 2020, unless extended.


Judge Apsley says when they resume normal operations they will be dealing with the impact of this for some time.