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Assistance for Shelby County businesses and non-profit organizations to apply for emergency relief

COVID-19 has forced the closure or reduction of a large percentage of small businesses in Shelby County, especially those that serve the public: restaurants, retail, and non-essential personal services like salons. In addition to being an important sector of our economy and collectively a major employer, these businesses are amenities that make Shelby County an attractive place to live.


The CARES Act, which includes the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL), the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), and a variety of other tax credits provide immediate relief in the form of low interest loans, some of which are forgivable. These programs are available to non-profit organizations as well. The application process varies between the programs, and the quick rollout has resulted in a lack of understanding and confusion. Shelby County Development Corporation (SCDC) has partnered with the Blue River Community Foundation, Mainstreet Shelbyville, and the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce to arrange for professional assistance with the EIDL loan/grant that will infuse businesses with relief funds of $10,000 within a short time frame. Locally owned, independent, brick and mortar Shelby county businesses with fewer than 35 employees and Shelby County non-profit organizations are eligible for the assistance.


Through grant funds provided by the Blue River Community Foundation, the local advisors listed below will assist small businesses and non-profit organizations with completion of the EIDL. This assistance is provided at no cost. In the near future, the program may expand to offer assistance with the PPP or other relief opportunities, but this phase of assistance is specifically to help with the EIDL funds. Small businesses and organizations not currently working with an attorney or accountant should contact their choice of the advisors participating in the program, listed below.


Brown, DePrez & Johnson, P.A.

Peter G. DePrez

H.Curtis Johnson

Andrew M. Eads

Tyler E. Brant

Telephone: 317.398.6688

email: covid19@shelbylaw.com


McNeely Law LLP

Jacob S. Brattain




Stephenson Rife LLP

Jeremy Musgrave, Attorney

Eric Glasco, Attorney

Office: 317-680-2011