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SCUFFY near its 2020 goal

Close.  Ever so close.


The annual SCUFFY drive is just that.  Close.  Close to an $850, 000 goal that required an extension of the annual drive to benefit 12 member agencies in as trying a time as the Shelby County United Fund has ever dealt with.


Hired during the drive, Executive Director Alecia Gross says they’re hoping to wrap up this week as they assess where they are.



The pandemic has impacted SCUFFY’s drive all the way down to whether or not to even host certain events.



Gross says the SCUFFY board and volunteers have been tremendous.



The pandemic situation has offered a learning experience for SCUFFY that they hope can be positive down the road.



The SCUFFY board will meet Thursday to see if the 2020 drive has reached its $850, 000 goal.