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Petition to save First Merchants facility in Morristown

The Morristown First Merchants banking center is scheduled to consolidate with and into the Shelbyville banking center at 2350 Marketplace Boulevard in April.


Several residents have signed a petition in an effort to keep the bank in the community.


The petition can be found at the following link:




This response provided by First Merchants on the closing of their facility in Morristown:

For the past several years, First Merchants has been investing in our vision for a banking delivery transformation that will serve as a catalyst for our company’s future. We are continuing to build on our commitment of meeting the evolving needs of current and prospective clients, while balancing the needs of our communities. First Merchants is embracing the increased utilization of our mobile and online banking services, along with changes in banking center interactions.

On April 20, the Morristown banking center located at 488 West Main Street will consolidate with and into our Shelbyville banking center located at 2350 Marketplace Boulevard.

We welcome clients who use the First Merchants Morristown banking center to access their accounts and bankers at any of our locations, along with a deposit-capable ATM which will remain in the area. First Merchants recognizes the value of our staff, so we are retaining all banking center teammates and helping each teammate find a position at First Merchants.

We believe these changes will allow First Merchants to remain a trusted choice for our clients and communities, attract and retain high-performing teammates, and continue to serve as a reliable and strong investment for our shareholders.

-        First Merchants