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Rev. Nathan Day Wilson moves to Geneva to join the World Council of Churches

Many have moved to a new town or state for a new job.  Not everyone has moved to an entirely new country.

For Reverend Nathan Day Wilson and his wife, Janice, the move is a dramatic one.  They now call Geneva, Switzerland home as Wilson has been called to the World Council of Churches for a newly created position as Manager of Income Development and Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting.



Wilson details the process that led to the new position.



While it sounds dramatic, to move to Switzerland, the Wilson’s do have familiarity with the city.  And Wilson says the opportunity with the World Council of Churches is exciting.



Wilson describes his new home.



In an international city, and an international position, Wilson says he’ll be working on his foreign language.



Among his many roles over the years, Wilson has served as pastor of Shelbyville’s First Christian Church.


He started his new position on June 21.