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Shelbyville state chess champion shines in fundraising event for Shelby County Drug Free Coalition

Braydon Povinelli is the reigning Indiana state chess champion.

The Shelbyville High School senior also has a philanthropic side, though, that was honored Saturday afternoon at the Shelbyville Municipal Airport.

Povinelli offered to play multiple chess players simultaneously to help raise funds for the Shelby County Drug Free Coalition.

Prior to the event Saturday inside the large airport hangar, Shelbyville mayor Tom DeBaun honored the teenager with a “Braydon Povinelli Day” proclamation that cited his state championship win on April 25, 2021, his overall rating of Candidate Master with the United States Chess Federation, and his more than 350 volunteer hours with Major Hospital.

Povinelli thanked the mayor, welcomed the competitors and explained the rules.

Playing the white chess pieces, Povinelli made the first move on each chess board. Once he returned to the board, the competitor could make his move and Povinelli would respond with his own move.

It took approximately eight minutes for his first victory.

By the time the event was over, Povinelli handed out one medal in his lone defeat. He also accepted a draw in another match.


Shelbyville High School senior Braydon Povinelli, right in both photos, played 10 chess matches simultaneously Saturday at the Shelbyville Municipal Airport as part of a fundraising event for Shelby County Drug Free Coalition. Povinelli is the reigning Indiana State Champion. (photo above) Povinelli watches local attorney Warren Good (purple shirt) make a move in their head-to-head match.


Povinelli chose the Shelby County Drug Free Coalition because of his own family’s struggle with addiction.

With the assistance of local attorney Warren Good, who serves on the city’s Aviation Board, Povinelli expects the event to raise over $3,000. A check-presentation ceremony will occur at a later date.

A plan is in place to make the chess competition an annual fundraising event.