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Local News

Construction engineering firm progressing on roundabout near Shelbyville High School

A preliminary design is complete for a proposed roundabout at the intersection of Miller and McKay streets in Shelbyville.

At Tuesday morning’s Board of Works meeting at City Hall, a contract was approved for Zimmer Construction Engineering, the roundabout’s designer, to begin the process of purchasing right-of-way access for the project that will commence construction in 2023.

In the preliminary design (photo), the city will have to navigate the steep climb of McKay Road headed west toward Miller St., where Shelbyville High School sits.

City engineer John Kuntz admitted the roundabout will have to shift to the west to make it feasible with the hill east of Miller St.

In other board business Tuesday:

  • The board opened 10 bids for overlay asphalt projects in the city in 2022. There are 15 projects on the calendar. Kuntz’s estimate for the board was $585,540. The 10 bids came in between $522,962.45 and $715,171.50. The board took the bids under advisement but did not select a winner.
  • The board recently restricted parking on the north side of James St. near the Shelby County Fairgrounds to improve traffic flow. A Shelbyville Central Schools bus could not travel down the road when cars were parked on both sides. The residents of 940 James St. asked for an exemption in front of the property to allow for safer access for one of its occupants. The board needed more time to make a decision and continued without a vote.
  • The board granted a 30-day extension from remediation for the owner of 1303, 1305 and 1313 Beverly St., where trash and debris are a nuisance. The properties are currently being cleaned up but more time is needed to complete the project.
  • The board approved to remediate the rental property at 815 Morris Avenue, which has been a nuisance for some time. The property will be cleaned up and the cost will be assessed to the property owner’s taxes.


  • Another nuisance property has a new owner. The city received ownership of the property at 111 E. Hendricks St. and tore down the crumbling residence (photo). The city then put the property up for sale in December and it was purchased by Phillip Coffey. Ownership was transferred at Tuesday morning’s meeting.