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Hoosier Lottery announces resolution for $20 Golden Jackpot Fast Play launch

Tickets showing a winning combination will be paid in full.


The Hoosier Lottery announced Friday that it will honor claims filed for winning tickets of the $20 Golden Jackpot Fast Play game after completing its investigation of the issue arising during the March 20, 2022, game launch. 


Starting Monday, March 28, players will be able to complete one of two processes regarding $20 Golden Jackpot Fast Play tickets sold on Sunday March 20th. The processes are as follows:


If player Has a physical ticket: 

  • Fill out a claim form at HoosierLottery.com
  • Provide copy of valid Government Issued Photo ID
  • Present ticket at Lottery Prize Payment Centers or mail to: Hoosier Lottery Prize Payment, 1302 N. Meridian Street, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN  46202.

There will be a process to review tickets and players will not leave with a check. If the ticket and claim form are valid, player will be mailed a check in the coming days.  


If player no longer has ticket:

  • Fill out an affidavit form at HoosierLottery.com
  • Provide a copy of valid Government Issued Photo ID 
  • Mail affidavit to: Hoosier Lottery Prize Payment, 1302 N. Meridian Street, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN  46202.

Affidavit will be processed 180 days after the March 20 date the ticket was issued -- September 16, 2022. If a player's claim is determined to be valid, a check will be mailed shortly after affidavit processing.


"Throughout this investigation, it has been our main goal to identify the specific issue and provide a reasonable remedy for our loyal players," Hoosier Lottery Executive Director Sarah M. Taylor said. "We believe strongly in providing fun and entertaining games for our players. In this circumstance, the execution of the game did not rise to the high expectations we set for the Hoosier Lottery."


Players of the Fast Play game experienced difficulty confirming their winning tickets soon after the game's launch. Lottery officials immediately began an investigation and communicated with players to retain their tickets.


The Hoosier Lottery is also working with the gaming system vendor to prevent this issue from arising in the future.