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Board of Works, property owner frustrated with tenant maintaining nuisance property

The owner of the property at 1029 S. Miller Avenue and the city’s Board of Works are equally frustrated with a tenant maintaining a nuisance property on the site.

Randy Sturgill maintains he is running a woodworking business on site but trash and debris has been an ongoing issue.

The more recent inspection of the property Friday showed junk and debris posing fire and safety risks, according to Adam Rude, Plan Director for the City of Shelbyville.

Material is now piled so high within the fenced-in yard that it is visible over the top of the estimated six- to seven-foot fence.

“I’ve never had a situation like this before,” said property owner Darrell Mollenkopf at Tuesday’s Board of Works meeting at City Hall.

Sturgill has been ordered to appear before the Board of Works before about debris sitting outside the fence. While there have been efforts to clean up the property, the stockpile of materials continues to grow.

“It’s pretty clear we are tired of dealing with this,” said Shelbyville Mayor Tom DeBaun, who is one of three members of the Board of Works.

DeBaun was ready to order the property cleaned up within 30 days but Mollenkopf asked to extend the order past the holiday season.

DeBaun agreed and the Board of Works set the clean-up date by Jan. 3 or the city would remove the materials at what would be Mollenkopf’s expense as the property owner.

DeBaun also encouraged Mollenkopf to consult an attorney to discuss his rights to remove the tenant from the property.

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