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Canine bill through Indiana Senate

A bill sponsored by State Sen. Jean Leising (R-Oldenburg) that would allow for the retail sale of dogs in Indiana passed the Senate.

House Bill 1412 would restrict and overturn ordinances banning the retail sale of dogs while also raising the standards for breeders allowed to sell dogs in pet stores.

"Some local government units are being coaxed into preventing the retail sale of dogs, which prevents businesses from selling things related to their trade and limits what consumers can purchase," Leising said. "This bill would address this issue by expanding commerce rights for businesses and consumers in Indiana while protecting companion animals."

Breeders would be required to provide additional records for companion animals, including vaccination and pedigree information.

"This bill would put in place the strictest standards in the country for the retail sale of dogs, starting from when the dog is bred until after the dog is sold to the consumer," Leising said. "This means there would be protections for the sale of dogs and consumers who wish to purchase a puppy from a pet store, and our state and local government can promote good breeders in the state."

Since the Senate Committee on Agriculture amended HB 1412, the bill will now return to the House of Representatives for further consideration.

The Indiana General Assembly has until March 14 to complete legislative business during the 2024 legislative session. Committee hearings, agendas, vote tallies and proposed legislation can be viewed online by visiting iga.in.gov.

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